Small Employer Trust Plan (SET)

Participating client/worksite employer will have access to a variety of plans and covered individuals will have access to a variety of plans.

Self Funding

Self Funded health plans can offer many positive advantages for an employers health plan. The ability to customize your plan, improve cash flow and eliminate most premium taxes, are just a few of the advantages a self funded health plan can offer.

MEC/MVP ACA Compliance Products

We offer a variety of plans that provide Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) for employees and a Minimum Value Plan (MVP) that complies with ACA requirements. Providing these options will satisfy the individual employee and employer mandates, thereby avoiding the IRS penalties. This is a turn-key solution, the entire process is managed from enrollment to reporting.

Third Party Administrator

Our administrator is a privately owned third-party that specializes in self-funded medical and dental plans. We offer medical and dental claims administration, stop-loss placement, cafeteria plans, FSA, HRA, HSA, COBRA and HIPAA administration.

Our management team encompasses hospital management, regional and national PPO development, fully-insured health and dental plans, PBM management, and third-party administration for self-funded plans.

Our approach to customer service is supported by web-based technology systems that are dynamic and adaptable to the needs of our brokers and their customers. Our exceptional plan reporting and management tools are capable of supporting any business and simplifying the administration of any medical or dental plan.

Community Health Plans

To many, health care is a foreboding, chaotic system that leaves patients uncertain and unclear regarding the nature, quality, and outcome of care. Patients often feel at the mercy of a system that continually changes the rules… rules that impact their life and livelihood.

Tribal Services

At Focus Health Solutions we’re focused on benefit plans uniquely tailored to the needs of the Native Americans. Evaluating insurance claims in Indian Country requires a deep understanding of each Tribal Nation.

Focus Health solutions knows this. We have worked with many Tribal entities for more than 10 years, delivering accurate and effective administration services.