Small Employer Trust Plan

Each participating client/work-site employer will form (through the Administrative Trustee acting on its behalf) a SET trust which will be that employer’s health benefits program, with its operations governed by ERISA.

Each SET trust will:

  • Engage Focus Health Solutions as program manager;
  • Engage a domestic Trustee to manage  administrative functions
  • Engage the Program Actuary and Underwriters;
  • Engage one of the approved Program TPA’s.

Participating client/work-site employer will have access to a variety of plans and covered individuals will have access to a variety of plans.


A SET is a health reimbursement arrangement that allows an employer to contribute money to a trust on behalf of their employees. The funds in this account can be used to help pay for eligible medical expenses. The SET plan gives you more control over if, and when, you spend your health care dollars.